Mold Information

The image to the right is a completed pen with clear acrylic resin and just the walls of the mold. The inner brass tube is visible.

The 3D molds are printed on a 3D printer using filament of various colors. The molds are sized for the style of pen and to reduce the amount of resin used in a 'generic' mold. The molds are 2mm (.078 inch) taller than they are wide. This allows the resin to be poured up to almost the top and not spill into adjacent sections.

Epoxy Resin is recommended.     I have used Royal Palm, Liquid Diamonds, Amazing Clear Cast by Alumilite.

There are detents on each end of the mold for center locations. The top 2mm can be cut off on a band saw if desired to make the 'blank' square for drilling. The mold has been sized based on the required tube length. Each mold has about 2mm of space on each end beyond the length of the tube.

Sierra style molds will use about 0.82 fluid ounces. (25cc)
The molds measure: 22 x 24 x 62 mm. 7/8 x 1 x 2-3/8 inches.

A Reference List can be found on the FAQ page.    Or here:  Reference List
Mold Information